Nwosu owes his growth to having listened respectfully to the very best advice from parents and academicians, and then going away and doing the exact opposite.


chamco projects

Leveraging the power of advanced Artificial Intelligence technology platform, Chamco Projects is a business solutions, privately-held company providing a range of Consulting and Internally Generated Revenue enhancement services to governments, public and private establishments across Africa.

A privately held consulting, process engineering and project management company, Chamco Projects comprises of management, core team of technical professionals and channel partners. With a combined 150+ years of project development and management expertise focused on enhancement of Internally Generated Revenue, our members and partners bring with them an impressive repertoire of hands-on experience derived from years of operations and project management in the various segments of a typical economy. Click to learn more.​


The future of healthcare, delivered today. We combine cutting-edge, Blockchain-based, and Artificial Intelligence-driven telemedicine, in-home health and standard hospital services to deliver evidence-based, cross-boundary healthcare to our patients all around the world.

StableDoc is a next-generation AI-driven Telehealth, In-Home Health and Standard Hospital service built on the Binance blockchain technology to deliver evidence-based health services to patients worldwide to address these challenges. The StableDoc Token will be used to offer payments between healthcare providers and consumers in a fast, secure, transparent manner that requires no third-party interference. 
Our physicians will also use the Token to share medication prescriptions with pharmacies. Our partnered pharmacies can access drug prescriptions stored on our smart contract to verify, prepare and send the prescribed  drugs to the patients. This will help to eliminate potential errors in prescriptions. StableDoc eliminates the risks of fake and counterfeit drugs during a partnership for medical supply chain verification and drug traceability. Additionally, our smart contracts
will provide the necessary security, privacy, transparency, health record immutability and traceability for our partner Health Management Organizations (HMOs) to detect frauds related to a patient’s insurance claims.
Our Telemedicine service is powered by StableReality, a next-generation, patent-pending Telemedicine gadget with an entire hospital-grade diagnostic tool kit and an in-built video conferencing platform that will enable the doctor and other healthcare professionals to connect with the patients and caregivers via video conferencing.


A California-based Minority-Owned Small Business focusing on delivering service to both government and commercial organizations. Mostly a collection of companies, Digitus, Inc. also provides cloud-based technology solutions with true data convergence for conducting deep analysis, generating critical insights, and making mission-critical decisions in real time.

Digitus Inc. is mostly a collection of companies. The largest of which, of course, is i-Jude. This California-based Minority-Owned Small Business has created strategic alliances with highly reputable, local and international organizations with long track records of information technology, healthcare, energy and general  project developments to harness the company’s core purpose.
Digitus’s crux centers on rendering contractual services to both the federal and state governments, and commercial organizations. It also provides technology solutions to its sub companies, Chamco Projects, Chamco Energy, and StableDoc.
Fundamentally, we believe this company’s structure not only allows for the delivery of bespoke, tech-enabled services, it enables us exercise  more management scale, as we can run operations independently, and in every sector of the economy that aren’t very related.

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